Hypnosis Wall Clock

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  • CAUTION: You may lose track of time when staring at the mesmerizing design of this clock. 

Art Description 

The Jaguar is one of my favorite wild cats. We have the fortune in Colombia that he walks in our mountains. The jaguar is currently distributed in 18 countries throughout the American continent, but it is already considered extinct in El Salvador and Uruguay, and it is estimated that in the last century approximately 55 percent of its distribution has been lost for many reasons. It is the only one of the four species of felines actually in the Americas. In Colombia there are five subpopulations of these felines of which three are classified as critically endangered. Deforestation and the consequent loss of its habitat, its direct hunting and of its prey, as well as the conflict between humans and jaguars are the main threats. With this artwork, I add my voice with the intention of denouncing that this specie is critically endangered and hopefully we can react before it is too late. 

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    • Wooden frame
    • Plexiglass face
    • Pre-installed backside hook
    • For indoor use
    • Requires one AA battery (NOT included)