Wall Paintings

Murals are important because they bring Art into the public space and impact, whether consciously or subconsciously, the mood and perspective of the people that pass by them. Camilo has been bringing his vibrant energy and colors to different walls and landscapes in different places around the world such as Panama City, Barcelona, Hellissandur, and Cairo.
Enjoy the trip!
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Irish/London Pub - Panama.

10 x 3 mts


THE "Bárður" MYTH - Hellissandur, Iceland

THE "Bárður" MYTH mural Camilo Arias
15 x 10 mts
I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Iceland and leave my artistic mark on its walls in 2018. Through a local project to make Hellissandur the capital of street art in Iceland. More than 20 artists worldwide were summoned to fill the walls of this small town with color and rescue some abandoned buildings. More than 25 murals were painted in different locations in a month, and mine was one of the largest, and mine was one of the largest one. Each artist received one of the local stories, and for my fortune, my theme was the most important cultural level in the area, The Myth of Bárður. He was the settler of this region, half a troll and half a man. His father was half a titan, but his mother was human. Bárður came to Iceland in the 9th century and gave the peninsula its name, Snjófellsnes peninsula, both words "snær" and "snjór" mean snow in Icelandic. Despite the harsh cold conditions, it was an enriching and joyful experience painting this project. The residents were very pleased with our designs. The event was so welcome that it became an annual art festival. I hope to return another time!
Miró Mirando - Barcelona, Spain
3 x 3 mts 
Urraca - Panama City
panama city camilo arias
15 x 9 mts
The Urraca aborigine was a brave warrior that defended his land and culture from the Spanish conquistadores when they obliterated everything. His eyes reflect his willingness to die a free man rather than to live as a slave. Two different coloured worlds surround the piece, denoting the cultural clash that encounters produced.
Scubotopus - Cairo, Egypt
3 x 1 mts
Cosmic Balance - Cairo, Egypt
cosmic balance mural
3 x 3 mts
Deep Conversation - Barcelona, Spain
3 x 3 mts
Coffee Time - Cairo, Egypt
coffee art
3 x 3 mts 
The Media Republic - Cairo, Egypt
3 x 3 mts 
Urraca Legend - Panama City
2 x 2 mts 
Swell Dancer Panama City
panama mural
3,5 x 3 mts
This was the first mural ever painted in Panama City. A flamenco dancer stirs the sea waves, as a Colombian sailor navigates through her veil. The jellyfish escape the bustle floating towards space, adding more surrealism to the scene.