About The Artist

Camilo Arias is a Colombian Visual Artist with several years of experience in Fine Art, international exhibitions and large-format wallpaintings.  Although his academic career was originally in Cinema with an Audiovisual Media degree from Politecnico GranColombiano- Bogota- and 3D animation with an international accreditation from Autodesk, drawing and painting as a passion and vocation became since 2014 his full time profession. Characterized by the use of saturated and vivid colors with a great load of contrast that together with his organic and intuitive brushstroke, produces a work full of energy and tropical influences always maintaining a well-defined social and environmental  speech developed in FOUR MAIN CATEGORIES as a result of the artist's personal experiences



Humans Rights, Environmental Conservation, Indigenous Cultures and Surreal Worlds are the most recurring themes of this Colombian artist for a reason. His childhood and youth was surrounded by violence, misery and fear engendered by death and the war of the Colombian armed conflict. Yet, it was through the arts, painting and drawing where he found his solace and refuge during those hard times and channeled all that fear and uncertainties into positive outcomes that allowed him to pull through, survive and excel. Those experiences  gave Camilo the will and initiative to approach and support social projects for children with limited resources to have access to Art and cultural activities.  For these children in vulnerable situations, the art allows them to play, dream and create new opportunities to escape from their violent upbringings, as the arts ultimately did for him: transformed and influenced his entire philosophy as a person, art style and goals as an entrepreneur.

Growing up surrounded by wild, colorful and exotic nature in the Colombian mountains also defined the way Camilo, as an Artist, communicates colors and shapes. Anyone who knows Colombia can immediately identify its essence and beauty within the vibrant colors that runs through his veins and creations.  

  • I defend and advocate for the memory and the Human Rights of a country bathed in blood so that future generations do not have to experience the anxiety and fear of living in the middle of a war.” CA
  • I praise and work for Environmental Conservation because I grew up in the mountains and forests and I was taught to be respectful and care for the earth and its animals.” CA
  • I admire and value the inheritance and the infinite knowledge of Indigenous Cultures because in my blood runs an entire civilization silenced by history and who is still screaming for justice.” CA
  • - “I explore and create Surreal Worlds full of light and fantasy because they are the opposite of ordinary, dark and reality.” CA
  • Art was my window to escape from war and hard times during my childhood. With time and practice, it became my tool to fulfill my dreams and goals. Today it is my passion that gives balance and meaning to my whole existence.” CA

After a tour of Egypt and some cities in Europe and working, experimenting and adding new materials to his works, such as plexiglass, resins, gold leaf, spray and organic materials, Camilo is now in Canada, looking for new ingredients to add to his artistic recipe and new ways to generate positive impacts in nearby communities.
“- Art was my window to escape in my childhood from war and hard times, when time and practice it became my tool to fulfill my dreams and goals, and today it is my passion and the reason that gives balance and meaning to my whole existence.”

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