About The Artist


Camilo Arias Designs is the personal project of Colombian-born artist, Camilo Arias. Each design has been meticulously created to provide unique and affordable items that embody the essence of his artistic philosophy. ​
Mission ​
Art is not only for collectors; art should be accessible for everyone. Every item in our unique selection has been personally designed by Camilo Arias for the sole purpose of spreading his message of freedom, creativity, and self-expression to a wider audience. Through our Museum Quality Prints and curated products, customers can fill their home with unique pieces of art.
Why Us?
When shopping our products, you are not only supporting an independent artist, but also suppliers, distributors, and businesses that serve the creative market and boost the economy. Everything available on this website is an online-exclusive item and is not available in stores. ​
Unique Products for Unique People: ​
· One-of-a-Kind Products ​
· Reliable Service ​
· Guaranteed Quality ​
Testimonials ​
-“I was so impressed with the quality of the products and professionalism of the team. The price is reasonable and I’m happy that I was able to support the work of an artist I admire.” – Jonathan, Vancouver ​
-“100% recommend. The products I ordered were worth the wait and the quality is superb! I’m excited to order more things in the future.” – Maya, Atlanta

About The Artist

Camilo Arias is a Colombian artist renowned for his unique, highly symbolic depictions of landscapes and portraits. His distinctive style of Psychedelic Magic Realism was created out of his desire to develop an original technique through the adaptation of the classic school with innovative tools and materials.

With Monet, Van Gogh, and Dali amongst his inspirations, Arias expresses his underlying message by evoking automatism through vigorous brushstrokes that incorporate techniques from impressionism, postimpressionism, and surrealism.

Having grown in the mountains of Colombia surrounded not only by the serenity of nature, but the reality of civil war, Arias is passionate about supporting wildlife causes and is involved in local community work with underprivileged children that focuses on self-development with the aim of improving mental wellbeing.

For more information about the artist, please visit the official website.