About the Company



CamiloAriasDesigns is a family company based in Panama that offers exclusive items, such as home decor and personal accessories, inspired by the Fine Arts creations of the Colombian artist Camilo Arias. With my wife Haydee by my side, we are a young free spirited couple, animals and nature lovers, passionate about Arts who met as we volunteered  in a project that brought joy and fun to kids in a rural place of Panama, through cultural activities and Arts. Since then, we embarked on a life of adventures and opportunities outside of our countries of origin, spreading Art and cultural events in different places like Egypt, Panama, Iceland, Spain and Canada.

In this journey, with time and love we became a family of three and now we have more reasons and energy to stand up for our passions, ideals and beliefs and for what inspires and united us since the beginning: Arts and the desire to help make the world a better place .

The purpose of our company is to use Art as a tool for social transformation and cultural development using it as a bridge to connect people and causes while delivering powerful messages of awareness about nature, society´s issues and its possible solutions. Our goal is to collaborate and support organizations, in South America, that advocate for different causes such as: internal refugees, environmental conservation and indigenous cultures with the purpose of promoting Latin-American culture and generating social and ecological positive changes through our partnerships and donations from our sales.

We hope that with our products and paintings, you can feel the positivity and beautiful energy that Camilo transmits through his artworks and stories. We invite you to join our adventure, to share our love and passion for Art, and to support and value the efforts of people and organizations that work every day to make a better world for the generations to come.

With love,

Camilo, Haydee and our beautiful daughter, Sophie Arias Villarreal.